By The Enforcd Team

The RegTech Revolution: Helping Conduct, Culture and Compliance

“The RegTech Revolution” was a webinar held for Digital Leaders Week 2017. Jane Walshe of Enforcd was joined by Mathias Wegmueller, Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Qumram, and Wendy Jephson, Co-Founder & Chief Behavioral Scientist at Sybenetix to discuss what RegTech can do, and also possible pitfalls to be avoided in its use.

By Jane Walshe

What the Regulator wants and expects in 2017

On 9th February I joined Philip Allen of the BBA to deliver a webinar (click here to access the recording) entitled ‘‘Enforcement Update: What the Regulator wants and expects in 2017”.   Some interesting polling occurred which can be read about in a separate blog.